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Adverse effects of advanced technology for health

The development of the modern world is to bring positive impacts to human life. Everything becomes easier and enjoyable with the help of some advanced tools. Almost everyone, from children to the elderly already have a gadget and smartphone devices.

Adverse effects of advanced technology for health

However, the development of advanced technology it also raises a variety of issues and risks for teens. One of the adverse effects of the development of this technology is the digital dementia (usually attack children and teens). Digital symptoms of dementia is deficits in right brain memory. This is because these people are too dependent on advanced technology.

According to experts from South Korea, the development of advanced technology is making the left brain to develop properly. But, due to its reliance on advanced technology that makes it less able to develop the right brain. We would prefer to rely on advanced technology than used the right brain for think hard.

If the right brain is rarely used (due to over-reliance on advanced technology), then the right brain over time will decrease the function known as digital dementia. Just imagine, for a recorded of meeting schedule, remembering the day, date, and other small things, we prefer to use gadgets like mobile phones (because it is simpler) than if we use right brain, so the right brain function is rarely to used.

The development of advanced technology is good, but it would be even better if we could use the technology developments wisely and not excessive.
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